Sunday, December 21, 2008

Zeke's Dedication

Zeke was dedicated on December 7th 2008 at Hillcrest Church. It was a really nice service and both our families were there.  After the service we had everyone over to our house for pizza.  :)
Mahalah, Keturah and Keziah playing on the computer.
Align Center
Jem, Mom, Dad and Jolene hanging out in our messy laundry room.
Our family portrait by the christmas tree.
Donna and Tino hanging out with Zeke.
Family (check out our super cute christmas tree!)
Zeke is very interested in getting his hands on that tree!
Tino & Donna with Zeke and Nate
Thanks everyone for supporting Nathan and Zeke and I during Zeke's dedication.  We're so glad we have such great family!  We love you all!

Picking our Christmas Tree

We got our tree early this year!  I think it was December 6th!  Pretty amazing if you'd ask me.
Zeke and Nate had to check to make sure the coast was clear so we could leave to get our christmas tree. silly boys!
We went up a couple blocks to Young Stocks where we saw my cousin Cory and found the perfect tree.
Zeke said no to this one. 
He didn't like this one so much either...
Finally he approved of a lovely frazier tree so we went to starbucks to celebrate. After we got home and set the tree up, we went to a Christmas Cantata at Fountain Community Church.  It was pretty fun.  A great way to get into the christmas mood. 


Zeke and I went to Boulevard Park in early December.  It was super fun!  Zeke was checking out all the Seagulls.
Zeke loves to scoot all around
He's learning to sit up on his own!  it's so cute!
Check out his mad skills!  He's even supporting himself with his arm!
This is such a cute picture!  His chubby cheeks and his button chin!  aaahh!  he's adorable!


hanging out on the couch
The Allen Family
Zeke watching Grandpa Tino play guitar
Listening to the music
I only got one picture at My families Thanksgiving Breakfast.  Our camera ran out of batteries.  This is Zeke with Uncle Cesar and his cousin Tycho.
Nathan, Dan and Justin.
Nate and Dan at Starbucks
Zeke and I at Starbucks
Tino is teaching Zeke to play the Piano
Zeke woke up in a great mood.