Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a week!!!

Last week we discovered yet again that our sewer was having issues... sick. My Dad came over while Nate was at work and dug up the whole line which only went about 25 feet before veering off into our neighbors yard!! argh! Anyways, the whole pipe was broken at about every 2-3 feet so it was easy to remove. Nathan worked on it all afternoon and evening Friday and after lots of frustration and some amazing muscular skills... And my dad coming to the rescue after the parade, the sewer is working again.

While Nate was working Zeke and I to the Ski to Sea Kids Parade on Cornwall. Zeke LOVED it! He did so good! I strapped his camp chair across his shoulder and he carried it all way the to cornwall and all the way home by himself. Then he sat through the entire parade which was about an hour long. I was so impressed! I can't wait for the grand parade this weekend.

Saturday Abby threw a Baby Shower for our second little guy we're expecting in June. It was so much fun and Jesse is such a great cook! Thanks so much you guys for hosting a great shower.

Sunday we had a BBQ and a workday with my family instead of a baby shower. It was amazing. Everyone worked so hard! The whole area in front of the shed where we are putting the patio has been cleared out, the dirt was taken away, the sewer ditch was closed up, the corners of the fence on the south side of the house are in place and thanks to Jesse we now have two cute little trees planted by the road in front of our house. Heath grilled the burgers and corn and Zeke had a great time with his little cousins. Thank you all so much for all your hard work! It was so much fun to see you all and the changes made in our yard make me feel 100% better about how it's going to be once our little guy arrives. =)

The pregnancy is going well... I'm a lot more uncomfortable this time than I remember being when I was pregnant with Zeke, but I think that is because at the last midwife appointment, Winni wasn't sure if he was head down or head up. He is spine to spine and kicks like it's his sole purpose in life! He is so active! I have a feeling that he is breach because of the kicking I'm feeling, but I could be wrong. We'll find out more next week on his position. Otherwise, things are fine. I have tons of braxton hicks all the time. My feet are starting to swell a bit since this weekend which is a bummer. I was hoping I would avoid that stage. I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow so only 2 more weeks before it's safe to deliver with a midwife and 5 weeks till the due date.

Nathan is still working! Yay!! I know that seems strange to say, but there have been so many lay offs at his work this year that we've been hanging on by a string for over a month. At this point (as it has been for the last month) he has work through next week and then hopefully they'll find more after that. Jobs are coming in, just really slowly so any prayer you say for us would be greatly appreciated. We know that God takes good care of babies and we know we'll be fine, but it's hard only knowing a week or two ahead of time if you still have an income.