Monday, September 29, 2008

More stuff

Our camera issues should be resolved within the next few weeks!
Here are some views of Zekes first experience in his high chair!

Monday, September 22, 2008

He's getting more adorable every day

I'm not sure what it is about kids, but this guy is so cute!  I think every day he just gets cuter and cuter.  Today he seemed to want his mom more than normal.  He cried when he couldn't see me (even if he could hear my voice), but was fine as soon as I showed my face.  

Saturday, September 20, 2008

No Pictures, just stuff

So as you know, we were having camera issues a while back... Well, they are still issues.  We don't know if it's our batteries or if it's the charger, but we're having a hard time getting the batteries to charge and I broke the thing that holds the batteries in the camera...  It's hard trying to carry tons of stuff all at once so yes, I dropped it.   It was fine for a while... just kind of broken, but now it's out right broken.  You will still see pictures, but much less until we get this figured out. 

Zeke is getting more and more aware of himself.  He is starting to pay more attention to textures that he can feel.  He watches me much more intently than he used to and he's starting to try to laugh.  I love his laugh!  He is still unsure about being tickled, playing peek-a-boo and blowing on his tummy, but every once in a while I get a smile from him while doing one of those things.  He's tall and starting to get a bit more chubby He's almost grown out of his 6 month sleepers and filling out his 6-9 month onesies! and he's only 3 months old! Since Zeke was born he's been interested in walking.  He just takes steps when we stand him up!  It's so cute!  You can check out a video of him walking here.   He is continuing to do this, but getting better and better at holding his own weight.  I love watching him wobble when I stand him up.  He's doing great at teaching his muscles to balance.   He is also starting to want his mom more.  I love it!  Well, it's great because I love the kid so much, but it also is beginning to make things challenging.  For instance, I made brownies the other day and Zeke insisted on being held the entire time.  So yes, if you were wondering, it is possible to make brownies one handed.  I proceeded to make stew with one hand only putting him down and letting him complain while using the cutting board.   It also makes it more of a challenge to force myself  to keep a clean house.  This is a constant battle and unfortunately, I'm losing most of the time.

  Nate and I are doing great!  We're learning how to have a marriage relationship while being extremely distracted by our little guy.  It's pretty amazing how God prepares you for such a change.  I think our relationship is better now than it has ever been.  I'm totally looking forward to celebrating our 3rd anniversary next month!  What an amazing 3 years it has been! 

 We also have been church shopping I guess you could say.  I can't say that I enjoy the process of finding a home church, but it feels good when you think you've found it.  We went to Hillcrest Chapel last Sunday and felt so at home that it was a little strange.  We were so impressed by the family atmosphere and the worship!  We will see how it goes when we go back tomorrow. 

  Today Nathan and Tino are working on the shed again.  They took a couple weekends off to do other things, but I guess today they are trying to finish putting the door on the shed and maybe finish the portion of the fence that was started.  I think that means finishing the gates and putting up two more sections of fence on the side by the shed.   

  That's all for now.  I'll try to get some pictures up soon!  Love you all!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


So, this evening Keturah and I were sitting in the living room talking about running and then we started hearing some weird stuff across the street.   First we heard some squeaking and then popping and then a boom.  Out of the corner of my eye it looked like the entire other side of the block was on fire so I ran to the window and the neighbor's tree had burst into flames and started climbing onto the roof of the house.  I yelled for Nate to come help so he ran and got our tiny fire extinguisher and I called 911.  There was one other neighbor outside on the phone with the fire department and he grabbed a garden hose.  The guys got the fire out just as the 4 fire trucks arrived!  The most amazing part about the whole thing is that we kept trying to get the attention of the people who lived inside, but they didn't hear us so our neighbor Laurie ran to the house next to them and they finally got ahold of them by calling them on the phone.  They tried banging on the bedroom window, calling their names and everything, but finally it was the phone call that did it.  Pretty scary.  Everyone is ok and the house didn't get too much damage.  Just the tree on the right side got pretty burned up.   

Monday, September 8, 2008

Just Zeke

The Shed

Super cute picture of Abby and Zeke!
Abby brought doughnuts! 

Lookin good!

Iron Girl 10K

Expo day for the 10K.  Zeke got all worn out from looking at all the different trees

The starting line up
This is what Zeke did through the entire race

Just after crossing the start line
Beautiful Green Lake
Runners across the lake
Here I come!
Still coming!
Coming toward the finish line.

The finisher video. Do not be fooled by my speed... I sped up quite a bit the last 50 meters or so...

I actually finished!
I did it in 1:09!  My pace was 11:11 per mile... slow, but way faster than I expected!

Nate is trying to burp a tired Zeke at the park.
Feeding Zeke at a rest area on the way home.  Random... We saw Katie Rohwer (my cousins daughter) at this rest stop with some of her friends... small world.

I'm so glad I was able to do this race! I think I needed it.  Now I'm inspired to continue running through the fall and winter trying to get in good shape for more races.  Nathan and Zeke were great at cheering me on!  Thanks guys!