Tuesday, February 7, 2012

26 weeks!

This is my belly at 26 weeks 4 days or almost 7 months
I had my midwife appointment this evening! My belly is measuring big! She is measuring at 27.5 weeks. I had a huge growth spurt a couple weeks ago so I guess that measurement was proof that I wasn't just seeing/feeling things. :) Her heart rate was in the 140's and seems to be head down despite the kicking I feel that is low... she must just have really strong punching arms. Crazy girl! I have had a itchy rash on my belly for a few months now so we did a blood test for my liver. I will get the results within the next couple weeks. I'm sure all is well, but they just want to be sure.

Our next appointment is March 5th and then we start with every two weeks!