Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sea Fair

We went to Seafair for the practice day on Friday last weekend. We were pretty excited to go because Zeke has been pretty interested in the Blue Angels lately so we wanted him to see them in person.
Zeke is helping carry his chair
Stopping in at the lego booth for some fun
Zeke was pretty excited about his new t-shirt.
Fat Albert!
The Blue Angels

Climbing up the hill with Grandpa
Fire Truck!!
We had a great time with Donna and Tino. I'm pretty sure we're going to have to go to Seafair every year now. We had such a great time. I had no idea how awesome airshows can be.

Our 3rd first date!

Dates are hard to come by when you have kids so this is our first one since Isaiah was born. We started the date off by biking down to New York Pizza
Then we biked to Fairhaven for Village Books and Ice Cream
Some views on our way home from Fairhaven

We went home, picked up the 4Runner and headed to Lake Padden for the Meteor Shower. You might be able to see the Big Dipper in this shot.
Looks like a meteor right? Nope, it's a slow moving aircraft.

We laid down on the side walk to watch the shower... it was pitch black and Nate surprised me with a picture... He knew it was coming and still closed his eyes!
We had such and awesome date! I'm so thankful for Nathan and that we have so much fun together. I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my best friend in the world. I love you sooo much Nathan!

Hammer Camp Out 2010

This weekend we went to my Great Uncle Jerry's ranch for our annual Hammer Family & Friends Camp Out. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Zeke trying out one of Uncle Jerry's restored tractors
And another one.
Danica looking sweet in her little sun dress
Tiago & Tycho playing in the sandbox
Salmon for the BBQ
Isaiah, Danica and Tycho
All of the cousins on my side: Isaiah, Danica, Tycho, Kaden, Ezekiel, Torleiv, Tiago & Mericio
Zeke asleep in the tent. =)
Isaiah & Ezekiel, our camping boys.
Breakfast of Champions
The May Family campsite
Couple of cute kids
We had a great time! Zeke got to play with his cousins which was awesome and he had a blast playing in the sand box, climbing on tractors and running around getting dirty. Isaiah did great too! We're looking forward to next year!