Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fragrance Lake

Nathan and Ezekiel and I me up with Amy, Angie, Dobie Wan and Bob Barker (a couple of miniature pinchers) at the Fragrance Lake trail head.  Unfortunately Angie accidently locked her keys in the car!  We waited for an hour and twenty minutes (Thank you Amy and AAA!!) and finally the car was unlocked and we were on our way!  Zeke was such a trooper!  Check out his cool ride!
Yay! He fell asleep!

A cool tree that split. 

A couple friendly hikers took pictures of the group.
Nathan is taking a break.  3 miles is a lot when you're packing an extra 22 pounds of baby!

A great view of my guys and the islands.

Ezekiel was such a trooper!  It was at about this point that he decided he'd had enough of the pack and wanted to do some walking of his own. 
This is the point when we discovered just how frozen Zeke really was.  
So we bundled him in his blanket and by the time we got down, he was mostly thawed out... Poor guy!  I just can't believe how much of a great sport he was being!  Frozen and all!

Birch Bay with great friends

Friday we went to Birch Bay to visit some friends and we froze. 
This is Zeke dancing the night away.
I'm not sure how he did it, but Amit somehow convinced Zeke that it was ok to walk away from Mom.  Usually Zeke cries when Amit tries to hold him!  Congrats on your success Amit!

Betsy and Zeke and I trying to stay warm.  The task was impossible from the start!

Backyard BBQ

Sunday, Zeke went to bed early and it was actually warm outside!  So we decided to have a backyard BBQ dinner date.  It was great!  We had hamburgers with the works!  It was warm for quite a while so we just sat back there and enjoyed the unfinished backyard.  Thanks for your great cooking Nate!

The day I got a sunburn

On Monday, Zeke and I met Nathan fora picnic lunch at the library. Zeke was being super cute!  He started doing squats at the fountain. :)

Aren't they sweet?  I love my guys!
Yes, I got my first sunburn of the year that day.  Hopefully, it's my last!

The Red Balloon

Last Saturday Zeke got his first balloon and he loved it!  It's amazing how the little things are so exciting.
He didn't want to let go of it when we got home.  It was just as great at home as it was at the restaurant. 
After he finally let it go Nate got this adorable shot.  Wow. 

Friday, April 24, 2009

The old days

I was trying to find a picture of my old Jeep which I failed to find, but I found all these photo's in my email!  How fun!

Nathan and I at our Friends Thanksgiving.  We had just found out we were pregnant like two days before this.  Amy was trying to get us to tell her when we were going to have kids, but we weren't ready to tell anyone yet!  Talk about timing!  I think Amy  has some crazy intuition!

Nathan and I used to love going to the drive in movie theatre in Oak Harbor.  We'd borrow his Dad's truck and put lots of pillows and blankets in the back!  it was always freezing!

We went to Sun River in Oregon with Nathan's family for a reunion while Nate and I were dating.  We tubed down this river which was pretty awesome except that it was freezing water!

We went to a Mariners game with Matt & Amy! 

We only came back with evidence of Matt being there.

Nathan took me out for a birthday dinner to the Cliff House.  

I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful husband to share memories with.  Thank you Nathan for being so great!  I love you!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yes, it's been over a month!

I'm such a slacker!  Here are some pictures from the past month.

Trying out his new shoes
I thought he looked adorable in his new overalls so I had to take some pictures.  What a handsome smile!

The mohawk in it's full glory.

Watch out world!  We start 'em young these days!

Zeke and Nathan hanging out.

Grandma and Grandpa Allen put up a new swing for Zeke!

The most handsome guys I know.  You can't get any better than this!

I turned my back for a minute and the guys had him in the wheel barrow rolling around the yard.   It was cute, but I was scared to death.

at Boulevard Park with Nate

Refried Beans are great!

Touching a goldfish

Trying to catch a goldfish