Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year!!!

I can't believe we are already in 2011. It's amazing how fast time flies by. My baby's are growing up!!! Ezekiel is 2 and a half and Isaiah is 6 months already!

Zeke went to visit Grandpa & Grandma Allen while Nate & I had a great time with Amit & Betsy last night playing "Would You Rather" to ring in the new year. I have to say, it was way harder to stay up until midnight this year than ever before. New years day Nathan hung out with Isaiah so I could sleep in. :) Then he made me a breakfast burrito! What a guy!

We were able to talk about what our family values are and who we are as a family which was great. I'm looking forward to our new adventures this year! I'm looking forward to seeing how God works in us to help establish us as a family and help Nathan and I become more unified. I really think this year is going to be legendary!



It's catch up time again!

With all the cold weather lately, we've been practicing the art of bundling up. Isaiah is super cozy!
Isaiah is getting in some quality Dad time.
Two of my handsome men opening their first Christmas gift together.
The cutest thing ever... Little babies falling asleep all by themselves. :)
The last day the farmers market was open in 2010.
Aren't they cute!
This had to be documented... Isaiah can suck his toes.
It's pretty stinking cute.
One of those wonderful times when your baby actually wants to snuggle with you. Man, I love those moments!
Best Buds!

Since November, we've been busy getting ready for Christmas. We've done lots of baking... We got all of our shopping done relatively early and Ezekiel made his first Gingerbread House! He loved it!

Ezekiel has been growing and changing. He's wearing 4T shirts and pants now and is officially 2 and a half! He is talking in sentences and has a really great sense of humor. He's totally a sponge now so we have to be super aware of what we or anyone else says around him... it will be repeated. He talks constantly! He likes to practice his alphabet and numbers. He will sit down with me and ask: "Mom, what game should we play?" or he'll say to his dad when he comes home from work: "I'm so glad you're home Dad. I'm so glad you're home." When I come out of my room wearing something I haven't worn in a while or something new he says: "I love your outfit Mom! I love your outfit!" He is such a sweetheart! He's pretty much 100% potty trained... We still help him every time, but accidents are few and far between. I'm so thankful that he is a thoughtful quick learner. Zeke loves to help his brother too... sometimes. He is having some issues with jealousy and has been learning about feelings... I'm trying to help him understand that other people have feelings just like Zeke does so he needs to be sensitive to that. I think it's kind of a hard lesson, but he's catching on slowly.

Isaiah is sitting very well on his own now. He still throw's himself forward or back sometimes, but mostly he sits very well. He does not like being on his belly... Sometimes he surprises me by being ok with it, but most of the time he starts crying if he rolls onto his belly. It's pretty tough at night because he starts tossing and turning and wakes himself up by ending up on his belly. He is getting better and better dexterity. I'm always pretty impressed at how good he is at getting a hold on things. We got him a walker a while back and he's pretty much mastered it already. He loves having the freedom to move around the room as he pleases, however, with that mobility, we have to re-childproof the house because he can suddenly get into things... Isaiah has a wonderful little personality. He has bright blue eyes and loves to smile at everyone. He loves being with his mama and is good at showing love to people. He gives the sweetest hugs! I absolutely love being his mom and I love seeing how much he looks up to his big brother. It's amazing how much he loves being around Zeke and trying to keep up with him. It's going to be fun this summer when they can actually chase each other around.

Nathan and I are doing great. We are learning more and more about each other and how to run a family. Nathan is a great husband, dad, protecter, provider and friend. I'm so thankful for him everyday.