Monday, July 28, 2008

Back Yard Part 6

Nate's cousin Erik and Tino & Donna came to help on Sunday.
Nate and Erik digging post holes...

They ran into some cement blocks... bummer.

Tino supervised while Erik & Nate mixed cement for the fence posts. 
Awesome job guys!

Zeke's first shower!

Nate took him in the shower with him!  it was pretty cute.  Ezekiel seemed to really like it. :)  Then he was being super cute for a while after!

Back Yard Part 5

Ezekiel looking very serious and hanging out with Grandpa
The tiller, Nathan and Tino working super hard at leveling the back.
This used to be our lovely path in the back yard...
More leveling and tilling...  Great job guys!!
Zeke's Nike socks!  so his toes dont get cold ever again! Thanks Abby! 
He's looking pretty chunky here!

Back Yard Part 4

Nate is working on tearing down the back fence... it looked so much bigger back there when he finished!
This is me perch with Zeke... Nate caught me with my head under the blanket...
see how much bigger the yard looks!!!  its awesome!
Nate was impersonating the Terminator while he was working.
A pile of fence posts!  
An impersonation of Napoleon Dynamite...  Awkward!


Zeke was being super cute hanging out in his crib.  Nathan was talking to him and Zeke looked like he was really listening.  He's such a cutie!!!

Nate's new addiction

Nathan has been learning a lot from Amit on the art of kite flying...
We've been spending the evening at least once a week at Zuanich Park with the Katyals
Nate and Amit share a kite and Betsy and I sit in the grass eating snacks and talking... mostly about how silly the guys are. :)
This was the first time I had M&M's in forever!!!  Seriously it was probably like six months ago... thats pretty good for me. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back Yard Part 3

Cold toes!
After a long weekend of yard work, shed removal and setting up posts, Nate and Tino finished up for the weekend and joined Donna, Zeke and I for dinner in the back yard.

Back Yard Part 2

Donna enjoying her Grandson in the shade.  I took a nap at this point I believe. :) Thanks Donna!
Tino is preparing to set up the first fence posts
Here are the posts!
Mixing cement.
The first post has been placed!  Now we're committed!

Back Yard Part 1

Amy came over to see Ezekiel for the first time.  
Nathan and Tino were working hard demolishing our old shed.  
Here's the old shed...  I think it looks better in a pile than set up...  

Tino took a break to see how good Zeke is at scooting...  I think he passed the test!

Some pictures

Ezekiel is sporting his hand-me-down from Nathan.  Donna and Tino brought it over for him to use.  Super cute!

Nate is awesome! He rocked Zeke to sleep!  What a great Dad!

Friday, July 18, 2008


Ezekiel likes to scoot... this is a new thing for him, I think within the past few days.  When we put him on "tummy time" he tucks his knees and feet up and if he finds grip (or Dad's hand) then he will scoot to his little hearts content grunting and growling all the way.  He seems to really love it.  He puts his face on the ground and smashes it all the way across the floor until he reaches his destination.