Thursday, April 8, 2010

28 Weeks and officially in the 3rd trimester

Pregnancy update for the masses:
Things are going well. Wednesday I had my midwife appointment and the only "issue" is that I'm anemic... I already knew this because I've been pretty sluggish and tired and weird things make me feel faint. I'm working on a solution though, I have some gross iron drops and I'm trying to eat super iron rich foods and I can definitely feel a difference.
I'm not sleeping well, but this has been pretty constant in my second trimester. I get pretty exhausted right around Zeke's nap time (I know I should nap when he does, but i get so busy!).
My uterus is measuring right on now which is great considering that it's been measuring big at my past few appointments. Now he's getting pretty settled in I guess. I am feeling almost constant movement these days and am pretty ready to meet this guy. I realize I have 12 weeks until the due date still, but I'm pretty done at this point.
Ezekiel is doing great. He's been having some days where he is pretty off, but I think I'm realizing that its because he's teething. If I give him his teething tablets he gets pretty sweet, pretty quick. I love that kid so much! =)
I'm pretty sure we have settled on a name for baby 2. =) I've told a few of you, but I don't think I want to make and announcement until we are sure, or maybe even until he's here (I know, I'm mean for keeping you in suspense!). We're still working on middle name ideas... It's been pretty tough to find one. We'll figure it out in time... I hope!