Thursday, July 16, 2009

Zeke's first haircut!!!!!

6/24/09 Zeke got his first hair cute. Here he is getting ready to cut!
Don't be fooled by his cute little smile! This wasn't an easy task! He did really good, but it wasn't something he really enjoyed.

6/23/09 the May's

Joe, Jolene and Kaden came over for dinner!!!! It's hard to peg these guys down for any length of time so it was amazing having them over. :) Kaden is so cute and he's getting so big!! I can't believe these pictures were taken 2 weeks ago!

I love Kaden's expression!

Random June pics

This is where Zeke and I have been going lately for a morning workout. Boulevard park. It's 6 miles round trip walking there and then I do about 45 minutes of circuit training. It's pretty relaxing, but I don't always get a lot done because Zeke is so independent! He runs all over getting into trouble so I can't focus on my work out cause I'm chasing him everywhere!!
Zeke proving he has a mind of his own!
Zeke's feet after a bath. All cute and wrinkly!
He was being adorable with his Aunt Jem the week before her wedding.
Jem took this picture of him... I love it!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

6/21/09 Fathers Day

Grandma came over for a visit to play with Zeke!
Walking with Grandma
We met my parents at Boulevard Park for cake and catch. Yes, that's me dramatically catching the football and that's my dad to stunned at my incredible moves to move. He was picking on me all night!
Zeke and Nathan taking in the beautiful sunset.
The perfect sunset after a wonderful Fathers Day!!
I am so blessed to have married the most wonderful man in the world. Not only is he an amazing husband who loves me and takes care of me, but he's the best Dad I could ever dream up for our son. Nathan is amazing with Zeke and you can see their bond grow stronger every day.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Smarty pants...

The last time Zeke nursed was June 19th. He nursed in the morning for his breakfast. I'm pretty impressed that he's been really ok with not nursing since then. If I'm not quick enough with his bottle of milk or his breakfast of bread and avocado then he'll point at my chest and do his little "I want to nurse now!!" whine. For the most part, he's been super understanding.

This morning, I was laying on the floor in his room and he started lifting up my shirt a little bit like he was looking to nurse so I asked him what he was doing. He immediately pointed toward the door said "dat" (translation: That) then got up and walked out and headed toward the kitchen. When I didn't follow him, he came back to me then pointed toward the door and said "dat" so I followed him and asked if he wanted his breakfast he smiled really big and said "jes!" (Translation: Yes). That's the first time he's translated it on his own in his head. He knew that I wasn't going to nurse him so he wanted food to make his hunger go away. So CUTE!!! I can't believe how smart he is!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

6/20/09 Zeke's 1st Birthday Party

The spread
Zeke was a happy boy. :)
The Teddy Bear cake that Grandma Allen made. :)
Looks pretty tasty
Yeah! it's great
What a handsome bugger!
Playing in his cupboard at Grandmas
Playing in the bucket Aunt Val gave him
There is nothing like a good bucket to play in!

Thanks for playing Dakota!
Grandma likes to play too!
Family photos

6/19/09 Jem's Bachelorette Party!!

If you know Jem, you know an evening won't be complete without seeing this:

Jem doesn't kid around when games are being played... This is serious business!

The sisters
Jem's sisters
Part of the group
Jem is ready for a night on the town. :)