About me

I am a daughter of the most high God. I am loved deeply by him and am learning more and more what that means.
I am Nathan's wife.  My life is given to encourage and support him in all he does.  We are a team and I'm so very grateful for his love for me. 
I am Mom to three very uniquely and beautifully different kids.  Every day I am blessed by their view of life and love.  

My passion is God's creation.
The outdoors: I love being in it and I love sharing it with others.  God gave us a beautiful place to live so lets experience it.  
Our bodies: To keep it healthy with nutrition, exercise and playing outside. 
Our minds: I love to challenge myself to be a better person by keeping my mind in check.  To think on whatever is pure and lovely.
Our Spirit: God wants to capture our hearts and align them with his.  My heart desires prayer and closeness with Him.