Friday, February 21, 2014

An attempted walk

Last week, the kids and I were craving adventure.  It has been a month of being pretty shut in because  of the incredible wind and cold and rain.  Well this particular day, it wasn't supposed to rain until the afternoon and the wind was much lighter than it had been.  We ventured out to a beautiful park with trails that are great for kids.  We saw ducks and little birds in the bushes.  We saw a mom with a couple boys and a dog. Suddenly, we hit the puddles...  Zariyah thought it looked fun so she walked right in... just past her knees.  Her boots were full of bacteria laden frozen (there was still ice!) water. This was only about 200 meters from out car and we had intended on about a mile and a half walk.  That dream was over.  Back to the car we went.  Zariyah's feet were already frozen from the water.  Her socks were removed and we headed back home.  

How often do we hold expectations on how days are going to go.  Or how our life is going to go.  What if our 5 year plan doesn't work out quite as we expected or turns in to a 10 year plan or a retirement plan or a never happened plan?  I'm learning to let things go.  I'm learning to set boundaries for what is right for our family and when things don't work out, let it go.  
That walk felt monumental to my tired, overwhelmed brain. I was looking forward to the peace and quiet, but instead I got a freezing cold adventurer that needed to experience what it was like to run into knee-deep water in the middle of winter.  I get it.  I sometimes do that too... not run into knee deep water, but choose to do something that I instantly regret.  It's part of learning.  Just like Zariyah learned that her action probably shouldn't be repeated, I was learning how to let go of my intention and be on point for my child. We went home and played trains and got cozy.  

I feel grateful for the experiences that I get to have with my kids. I'm grateful for being challenged  and having an opportunity to make the right choice in the same way that I expect my kids to make right choices.  I'm learning right along with them. 


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaloma, this is Lia.
I have missed you on Fb. Actually I missed the stories you used to post. But I found them here now!
Your walk story made me laugh - not at you - but at me! I have attempted many things myself with my girls only to be let down by something I could not control. It felt frustrating at the beginning but in all there was a reason, a lesson there for me!
How long have you got left in your pregnancy?
I have some news too! I'm 20 weeks along with number 3 and 4! Twins! Shocking! As I sad earlier, things that I could not control felt rather scary to start with and my plans were turned upside down. What was a 5 year plan it looks more like a 10 years one or who knows! But everything is there for a reason!
Hope to hear again from you!
take care and lots of love
Lia Campbell (was Iurian)