Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Selfish Parenting

Isaiah is 20 weeks old today or close to 5 months... He still has bright blue eyes and has such a sweet personality. He's funny, loves to laugh and smile and loves getting his mama's attention! These days when we put him on his back he starts playing with his feet. It's pretty cute. He's getting better at sitting.... he isn't nearly ready to do it on his own, but he wants to and his muscles are developing. =)

He still hasn't rolled from back to front, but I think it's because he doesn't like being on his stomach. He's very good at rolling from front to back and does lots of baby crunches. Isaiah is very vocal. He likes to compete with Zeke for noise levels and attention. I think both boys have been dealing with jealousy issues...

I've realized during the past week and a half why I haven't potty trained Zeke yet. The reason is that I can no longer change his diaper when it's convenient for me. I can't make him last just a little longer at the grocery store or take a little longer on our walks in the stroller or go for a long run. I also hate cleaning up that kind of mess so why would I want to initiate that kind of mess happening in my house for a week plus???

Well, I finally broke down and tried it. A week ago last Monday we started potty training Ezekiel and he is doing amazing! The first 3 days were a mental hell for me trying to read the signs and figure out what Zeke's own personal pee dance looked like, but now we're a pretty good team. Zeke isn't fully trained yet, but he's pretty great at going potty on the toilet. I feel sane again and now I don't have to change a 2 year old's diapers. I think that is pretty awesome. Way to go ZEKE!!
In other news, Nathan and I are participating in a 30 day diet that is supposed to help your body heal from processed foods and so much more. The reason I wanted to do the diet was because I felt like we were too focused on the carbs or grains in our diet and not focused enough on veggies and foods that were good for us. Now we have seven days left. I've lost 15 lbs and I'm pretty sure that my mental function has improved. Nathan and I actually have the energy to have a conversation after the boys are in bed. My cravings for sugary foods have decreased and I've realized that it isn't impossible to make meals every day. I think this diet has shown me that I'm more capable than I thought I was and I've made some pretty awesome foods. Now I'm nervous for Thanksgiving which is the first day off the diet. I don't want those 15 lbs to reappear in the first day! Zeke has been on the diet with us, but not so strictly... We haven't had any bread in the house for the past 23 days so yesterday Zeke came up to me with his shoes and said "We better get going to the restaurant so we can buy some bread. We better get going!!" It was so cute! So I broke down and bought a loaf of bread for Zeke. He's pretty happy. Thankfully though, on this diet, Zeke has discovered that he absolutely loves broccoli, fresh bell peppers and cucumbers. =)

Nathan and I just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! I'm so thankful that I have such a wonderful partner in my life. God has blessed us in our marriage and with 2 amazing little boys and we couldn't be happier.