Monday, October 18, 2010

Team Turgeon & other adventures.

Jesse & Abby got married! They had the most beautiful wedding. These two are so perfect for each other and we really couldn't be happier for Abby. Congratulations you guys!!!

In other news, Isaiah is 3 and a half months now! Time is flying by! He smiles and giggles when I tickle him in the ribs. He is such a happy boy and getting more and more adorable every day. When he gets sad, he sticks out his lower lip before he cries! It's so cute! He rolls over from front to back and tries to sit up, but it just turns out to be a baby crunch. He's so tough! I'm so blessed to have such wonderful, adorable kids.

Zeke has been putting sentences together really well. He loves to lower his voice and say "Hey Mom! What you doin?" Then if I don't answer right away, he'll just repeat "hey Mom, hey Mom" He does the same thing when his grandparents are around. "Hey Grandma! Where are you Grandma?" He is great at drawing. He holds his pen just right and does little circles and then fills them in. Right now, he's practicing the alphabet. =) R is for Rhinoceros!

Nathan is still enjoying his job and has been working on the back yard fence with Tino on the weekends. The fence is looking great!

I've been busy with the kids... Isaiah isn't sleeping well at night yet. Mostly because he's teething I think. He started cutting teeth this weekend so hopefully after these ones come in he'll have a break for a while. We'll see. So I've been tired. Tino & Donna were here over the weekend so I was able to get a few naps in which is really rare! Thanks Donna for watching the boys for me so I could sleep! I already miss it!

I got to go to Amy's Baby shower last weekend! We're so excited for Amy and Matt! You guys are going to be great parents and we can't to wait to meet your little baby Bryner!

I started a Belly Dance class a couple weeks ago! Jem does it so I thought I'd give it a try. The first week was humiliating and frustrating... It's hard to be that coordinated! The second week I actually did ok. We'll see how it goes this week. Jem is amazing at it though. She's been doing it for 4 years I think... I only hope I can do as well as she can some day!

This is as far as my brain will go today. So I shall stop.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seahawks Win!!!

Our littlest fan encourages the Seahawks to beat the Bears 23-20.